How We
Can Help

The appellate practice at Waterkotte Mullis Moreno & Garles is committed to providing exceptional legal representation for clients seeking to navigate the complex and nuanced realm of appellate law. Appeals demand a unique skill set, encompassing meticulous legal research, strategic analysis, and persuasive advocacy. Our team is well-versed in crafting compelling briefs and delivering oral arguments that articulate our clients’ positions effectively. We recognize the critical importance of thoroughness and attention to detail in appellate cases, as even the slightest oversight can significantly impact the outcome.

Our Services Include

  • Comprehensive Legal Research: We conduct thorough and meticulous legal research to build robust appellate strategies. Our team leaves no stone unturned in analyzing case law, statutes, and precedents to strengthen our clients’ positions on appeal.

  • Strategic Case Analysis: Understanding that each appellate matter is unique, we perform a strategic analysis of the case, identifying the key issues and potential arguments. This approach allows us to focus on the most critical aspects of the appeal and present compelling arguments in a clear and concise manner.

  • Persuasive Briefs: Our attorneys are adept at drafting well-crafted appellate briefs that concisely and persuasively present the relevant legal arguments. We highlight the strongest points to ensure the appellate court fully comprehends the essence of the case.

  • Compelling Oral Advocacy: We have honed our oral advocacy skills to be effective and influential in appellate courtrooms. Our attorneys are confident and articulate advocates who can succinctly present our clients’ positions during oral arguments.

  • Appellate Strategy Collaboration: Our firm believes in working closely with our clients to understand their goals and concerns. We involve them in the appellate strategy development, seeking their input to ensure our representation aligns with their expectations.

  • Post-Appeal Guidance: Our commitment to serving clients extends beyond the appellate court’s decision. We provide guidance on potential post-appeal actions, including seeking further review or implementing the appellate court’s rulings.