How We
Can Help

At Waterkotte Mullis Moreno & Garles, our experienced attorneys possess a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and risks that retailers face in California and Arizona.

Our firm has successfully represented numerous retail clients across a diverse range of industries in various legal matters pertaining to retail law. Whether it be addressing issues in single plaintiff cases or handling class action lawsuits, our team is well-versed in state and federal court proceedings.

Our Services Include

  • Retail Litigation Representation: Expert representation in retail-related legal disputes, including single plaintiff and class action lawsuits.

  • Legal Consulting for Retail Businesses: Tailored legal guidance to address labor-related issues and compliance matters specific to the retail industry.

  • Comprehensive Employee Handbooks: Crafting effective employee handbooks to ensure compliance with retail-specific regulations and foster a harmonious work environment.

  • Employment Contract Drafting and Review: Skilled assistance in creating and reviewing employment contracts to protect the rights and interests of retail employers.

  • Wage and Hour Compliance: Guidance on adhering to wage and hour regulations to avoid potential legal issues.

  • Consumer Protection Compliance: Assistance in complying with consumer protection laws to maintain consumer trust and mitigate legal risks.