Major Motion Win

Tristan Mullis and Kristin Varda Secure Victory For Local Employment Client

Tristan Mullis and Kristen Varda recently secured a crucial win for Southern California client in a class action lawsuit case that threatened the company’s viability.

A Tactical Move: Compelling Arbitration

WMMG’s client was facing a daunting class-action lawsuit involving hundreds of current and former employees, with potentially catastrophic financial implications. To navigate this challenge, Varda and Mullis filed a successful motion to compel arbitration. This maneuver eliminated the class claims entirely, offering their client a lifeline in the form of a less arduous and costly arbitration process.

The Power of Legal Expertise and Dedication

Varda and Mullis’ achievement illustrates the essence of legal practice – a combination of strategic acumen, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to their client’s cause. Their dedication to their client is a testament to how proficient attorneys can navigate complex challenges and secure victories that truly matter. 

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